Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting off the Wheel to catch one's Breath.

Once, I was visiting my sister,and her roommate had a hamster, the dratted thing would arise at 5 am and proceed to run on his wheel, never stopping, around and around he ran. I am feeling like that hamster, running around in circles and getting nowhere, fast. So we'll be taking a break to catch our breath, and will reopen here at Camellia's on October 11th. 2012. 

Enjoy the fabulous colours of Fall, and take a deep breath ! Go for a long walk.

Belluz Farms 

Our view on Hacquoil Rd. 

We've been bundling Gomphrena , and making Wreaths like crazy. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 
see you when we Reopen on Oct. 11th. 2012

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