Saturday, November 17, 2012

Camille Overmeer at Artisans Northwest, Valhalla, Icelandic Room

 Camille Overmeer will be at the Artisans Northwest Art & Craft Show at the Valhalla Inn this weekend, Nov. 17th. ( 10am -6p) and Nov. 18th. (10am -4p).  We are in the Icelandic room, booth # 63, that's the smaller rooms off to the side of the main Ballroom.

 The arduous task of moving large-scale wreaths from point A to point B... 2 vans, a trailer, and product stuffed in kid's truck. I've also taken over the garage, and let's not talk about the state of my house. Also let's not talk about my backlog of orders, my poor clients! I am not ignoring you, we will talk next week.

 Our Fishing Wreath made from Faux evergreens and real Birch.

 The talent of those in the Icelandic Room... I love Metalwork.

See you at the Valhalla Inn this weekend! We're not Open this Sat. Nov. 17, and Sun. Nov. 18 th, 2012 at our store. Normal hours , OPEN Wed. through Sun. resume next week.

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