Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April 1st.!

Happy April 1st.. and the joke is on us in Thunder Bay, we are in the midst of a lovely ( not!) Springinter storm of snow, freezing rain and ice. Not to worry, Caribbean people living in Thunder Bay will not be bothered by this nonsense. We are packing like crazy, getting ready for the Spring Home & Garden show starting this Friday at the C.L.E grounds and the Sportsdome. We are inspired by Flowers... bright colours....nests...green moss...and Bunnies.

 Fresh Flowers always make you feel better. Go treat yourself to some today.

 In the Spring , there are all kinds of Birds nests to be found in the branches, collect them and display under a glass cloche. We will have some cloches for sale at the Garden show.

 Willow branches seem to signify Spring - none here yet.

 I don't know about you, but here at The Camellia we are craving Green  .... and waiting to see open, running water in all the ditches and local streams. The sound of a babbling brook is so nice.

 The oh-so-cute Easter fuzzie-wuzzies. We will have these at our booth.

Hand-made stainless steel Flowers, deer proof. Get lots of Ideas and products for your Home & Garden at the Spring Home & Garden show, see The Camellia in the Coliseum building, Booths #2 and 3. We will be busy setting up for the Garden show so we will be closed here at The Camellia on Wed. Thurs. and Friday.
The Camellia 
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