Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to dress up your Holiday planters even if ground is frozen.

How many of you are just getting into the Christmas mode, and wanting to dress up your planters , which are of course, frozen solid. Usually I do evergreens in my planters  in September, after we have had 2 killing frosts. What can you do? First, pull out the dead flowers.

Cut some young Birch trees, and place the birch poles on top of the soil in the planter.

Cut bunches of balsam, and attach bundle to bitch log using cable ties. Keep making up bundles of balsam, and attach at various points to the birch poles.

When it snows, your boughs will be covered so it is a good idea to leave some greens hanging over the edges of your planter.

Add some red pine, or cedar, or other evergreens you may have on hand.

You can add a pair of skates, old watering cans, ribbons, large sugar cones, and more.

This is my pile of balsam which came from our trails in the bush, which needed trimming.

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