Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Solstice Fair on at The Camellia

Today is Summer Solstice - a celebration of the beginning of Summer! 

Around this time in our Garden, a Danish white Rose blooms, filling the area behind our shop with that heady Rose scent which is missing in hothouse Roses. We have been so busy that I almost missed seeing all the blooms. 

From a couple of cuttings bought at a yard sale to a massive profusion of stems and blooms...this Rose spreads quickly. At the back of our shop is a wild tangled mess of grapevine, this Rose, and hops. 

Bees fly among the blossoms, collecting pollen.

A handful of blooms picked to float in water in a glass square, a simple, yet effective Summer centrepiece. 

Enjoy the Summer Solstice, make sure to get outside and enjoy the weather!
You are invited to our Summer Solstice Fair on at The Camellia this weekend, Fri. June 24th. 11- 8p. Sat. June 25th. 11-5, & Sunday June 26th. 12-5p.
Exciting new arrivals - comfy leggings & Summer scarves.
Hand-made Pottery.

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