Sunday, January 1, 2017

Trying to hold onto your sanity when doing Bathroom home renos...Happy Jan 1st. 2017! The Camellia.

It's January 1st. of 2017!  A New Year...full of possibilities, new ideas, and dreaming about Home Renovations. 

We dream about a new Bathroom..a Sanctuary...our sanctuary...devoid of  Rubber duckies, dirty clothes strewn  on the floor, and worse yet, stinky toilets with seats left up. A place where we can relax, and restore ourselves and our sanity. 

Some of us have Ideabooks on Houzz, we have Pinterest boards on our Dream Bathroom, but never get beyond the dream-about-it-stage. Time to change all that, it's a New Year, and with the Holidays out of the way, this is the perfect time to plan your new Bathroom. 

Your Bathroom doesn't have to be as elaborate as this beauty in the above photo, it can be simple and basic, depending on your budget and time frame. It goes without saying that all ideas should be discussed with your partner before you start contacting a contractor and tradespeople. Some of us get stuck at this stage...we end us fighting..."The Bathroom is fine the way it is, why do we need double sinks, I don't care what the Property Brothers say, what do they know..? " Is it too soon to start finding a contractor? No, the best ones are booked way ahead of time, and you have to join the line. 

#BarnDoors are so in ...are you DIYing and want a more cost effective #BarnBoard? Come into The Camellia and ask about our #CottagePaint #Barnboard paint techniques. 

Bathroom at #WhitewaterGolfHomes condominium.. built by Di Gregorio Developments, and styled by #TheCamellia. This home was part of the Spring #ThunderBayArtGallery #HouseTour 2016. For more information on these Townhomes

This is a Master Bath at Whitewater Town Homes, If you have an old cabinet which is Oak, and looking a bit tired, you can paint it with #CottagePaint. No stripping, and no mess, and no smell. And 55 colours to choose from. 

Here is a china cabinet which one of our clients painted. This is the Before. Where can you buy #CottagePaint? At The Camellia in Thunder Bay, On. 

Here is the AFTER. Beautiful Cottage Paint makeover! Getting back to the mess of renovations, how does one get through it? We start, and just want to fast-forward to the finish line! Most of us are bored with plumbing issues, and drains, and vents and the list goes on. We want everything to be done quickly, and work perfectly. We may obsess a bit ( or a lot) and drive our plumbers and other tradespeople crazy. Our tradespeople may drive us crazy by taking on too many jobs at the same time.

And we forgot about the mess, and the dust, and the constant cleaning. And the stress of having to make decisions, and then waiting for stock to come in. We may have chosen some sinks purely for their looks, not their practicality.  Anyone ever used a Vessel sink with a tall spout, you turn on the tap, and water shoots out, hits the vessel sink, and sploosh onto your clothes...( now you look like you had a bathroom accident...sigh...) Not to mention all the stuff that was in your Bathroom, which is now homeless and strewn all over the rest of the house. This is also when you realize how much unused Hair products and make-up reside in your Bathroom. 

What is our advice to you? Expect Mess, cost overruns, and delays. In the end, you will have a fabulous bathroom, and it will all be worth it.
Come into The Camellia today to discuss your DIY Renos, and to get #CottagePaint and #FarrowandBall paint, along with custom Florals  & accessories for your bathroom. 
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