Sunday, April 23, 2017

We are paint consultants, a.k.a Marriage Counsellors, Cottage Paint, Thunder Bay, On

We spend a good part of our day helping clients choose paint colours. Some clients are so tired of their wood kitchens, their wood trim and slab mahogany doors, and they want to PAINT OVER WOOD. Their partner may be completely against Painting wood...and the Battle starts...and the Paint consultant is caught in the middle. 
Why is there such disagreement over painting wood? Read this article...

For those of you who are against painting wood, did you know some almost new Kitchens are being painted? A factor may be the cost of ripping out cabinets and replacing. Homeowners may not want to deal with the mess of living in a construction zone.  

The biggest reason Homeowners paint Cabinets? They are sick of the wood look, Cabinets are Oak, and the original wood stain has yellowed or  showing wear and tear. Average age of Cabinets? 20-30 years old. 

Cottage Paint

Here is a before of a Kitchen painted with original #CottagePaint. Of course, you will be taking off cabinets doors, numbering everything, including hinges, use dropcloths. Clean with Cottage Paint Clean and Prep. Head into our store,TheCamellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. for advice. Check our website

cottage paint

cottage paint

#CottagePaint has a palette of 50+ colours. 

cottage/chalky paint, The Camellia

The After photos - totally worth it! For advice on Painting cabinets, book an appointment with a Colour consultant at The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay. There is a charge for in-home consultations. p (807)475-3551
We are Open Wednesday through Sunday. Location : 10 mins. from Thunder Bay Airport, heading south along Hwy. 61, turn left onto Hacquoil Rd. 1.6 km on left. 

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