Saturday, October 7, 2017

Fall Gifts for delivery in Thunder Bay, Ontario, & great advice on preparing your Home for Fall from Houzz.

It's been a beautiful #Fall in Thunder Bay, and even though we've had a few frosty mornings, some of our Gardens are still blooming, which is remarkable in this part of the country. What about your Fall? how has the weather been where you live? 

Red fall leaves at The Camellia Thunder Bay

Autumn is truly a season where every leaf becomes a Flower. 

blanket gifts at The Camellia

As the weather gets chillier, a cozy, soft blanket makes a great Gift for a family. We deliver in #Thunder Bay and surrounding area. Blankets are washable and $29.95 + taxes + delivery. Call our toll-free at 1-877-523-7444. 

fall leaves and tree trunks

Autumn Leaves are truly a work of Art. 

The Camellia burlap fall wreath

Fall #Wreaths make a great Thanksgiving gift, these are priced at $95.00 to $125.00. Why send fresh flowers which are dead within a week?  

sunflowers for delivery Thunder Bay

If you prefer to send #FreshFlowers in #ThunderBay, we have garden bunches available for delivery starting at $49.95 and up. Call us at 1-877-523-7444 or at (807)475-3551 to place an order. 

preparing homes for Fall

It's Fall time and it's time to take your breakable planters in, and get your Home ready for Fall. Click on the link below from #Houzz for great advice on preparing your Home for Fall. Stop by our store at 30, Hacquoil Rd. for a visit! Tell us in the Comments below what you are planning to redo in your Home this Fall ! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fall Classes at The Camellia. Happening now!

FALL Classes are happening this week at The Camellia!

Wood round Class - Learn how to do hand lettering

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Make this Gather Wood Round just in time for Thanksgiving! You will be painting a black ash round of wood, with Cottage Paint and the word GATHER, doing a small stencil, and finishing your project off with Cottage Paint varnish. Class is 1.5 hours or so, and a fun project if you want to learn how to make your own signs. Wood round, paint pen, Cottage Paint and Gather printout are included. This class is offered on these dates, Pick 1 Date. Friday, Sept. 15th. 2017, from 7- 8.30ish. or Thursday, October 5th. from 7-8.30ish.  


Fresh Grapevine Fall Wreath

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Using a Grapevine Wreath, you will be adding fresh Grapevines from our Garden, Bamboo leaves, maple leaves, along with preserved hanging amaranthus, with lotus pods, and finish your creation with a Burlap bow. This Wreath will dry naturally and turn lovely shades of autumn browns. This class takes place Sat. Sept. 16th. at 1 or at 3p. Call 475-3551 to Register. We need time to pick the fresh greens. 

Pinterest-inspired Rustic Burlap Fall Wreath.

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Price of $107.35 includes Burlap, ribbon, fall foilage, mesh, wire frame, Instruction fee and hst. Flowers and nests may an extra cost. In this class you will learn how to make a Burlap ribbon wreath, using techniques of wiring, anchoring, and changing a wreath for the seasons. Dates:  Friday, October 6th. at 7-9p. or Saturday, October 7th. from 3-5p. Dates are subject to change, and you can make your own time with 4 or more friends.

WE ARE OPEN THIS WEEK: Wed. 11-5. Thurs. 12-5. Fri. & Sat. 11-5. CLOSED FROM SEPTEMBER 17th. REOPENING on October 4th. 
  • We're open our regular hours this weekend, so stop in and see us here at The Camellia!  We will be OPEN Normal hours Wednesday through Sunday, until September 16th. 2017. Then we will be taking a break and will re-open on October 4th.
  • Enjoy the last bit of warm weather, and stay Design-Inspired! We're ordering more Paint, if you have any special requests, or need gallon sizes, let us know! p(807)475-3551 

OPEN: Wed. 11-5, Thurs. 12-6. Friday  11-5. Sat. 11-5 . Closed from Sept. 17th. Reopening on October 4th. 2017  

Visit our website for information at 


Come Visit The Camellia.


How do I get there?   We are 10 mins. from the Thunder Bay Airport, heading south on Hwy. 61. Turn left onto Hacquoil Rd. We are 1.6km. on the left.    Phone 807) 475-3551. 

Look on Google maps for directions.



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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Wow! It's Falltime at The Camellia, Slate River Valley, Thunder Bay, On

    Here we are at the end of August, and it's been feeling like Fall here for the last 2 weeks. What happened to Summer? We've had frost 2 nights this week, the windshields on our vehicles have been iced up. Most of us here in Thunder Bay feel like we have barely had any Summer, and now an early Fall. Well, there is SO much to like about Fall. The colours of Fall - rusts, browns, beiges, cinnamon, dark greens, yellows and so many more colours that exude warmth and images of snuggling under a warm throw. 

The Camellia

I know it feels like you have barely gotten the Patio set out on your Porch, and your Garden, well, enough said about that. I was embarrassed about the state of my gardens yesterday, when I was showing a client some of my fast-growing perennials. We spotted 2 huge holes dug up by some critter. And a falling down Delphinium. It's hard to keep up with all the yardwork and weeding. 

the camellia

Sunflowers always add a splash of colour to your Fall decor. Not a fan of yellow? We have beige and neural tones in the store. 

cottage paint

Here is a small #cottagepaint project you can try on your own.....paint an old muffin tin and turn it into a jewellery holder, or a place to store all those thingamajigs that collect on your counters. We stock Cottage Paint here at #the Camellia. 

Cottage Paint

If you are stencilling, #cottagepaint is your #1 paint as it is water-based, and very easy to clean off your stencils. Check our website for our current #classes.

The Camellia Fall, Thunder Bay

Sometimes, it feels like the 100 Mile journey playing out here. We sometimes get phone calls...Do you have a store IN-TOWN? Hah...what..? Our store is one-quarter of a mile outside City limits. That's a quarter of a mile, not 100 miles, not 3 hours from Thunder Bay, just a simple 10 (TEN) MINUTES from the Thunder Bay airport. 
Once you get here, you'll be glad that you did! Plan to visit The Camellia this Fall!  
We are OPEN Wed. 11-5, Thurs. 12-6, Fri. and Sat. 11-5, and Sunday 12-5. A simple way to remember is that we are Open every day except Mondays & Tuesdays. 
Note we will be closed from Sept. 17, and will reopen on Oct. 4. 2017. 
p (807) 475-3551

Thursday, August 17, 2017

How-to survive DIY renos with your spouse/partner

You may be an avid watcher of the DIY Network and HGTV. It all looks so easy on TV, everything goes so quickly and the couple gets along, and while there may be some arguments, they all laugh about it afterwards and all is ok again.


Image via Pinterest, and

Let's step away from the TV and move into real life. Common things people fight over:

1. Proper Prep for areas not to be touched in Reno. This includes laying drop cloths over Furniture to prevent dust and paint splatters. Cardboard on hardwood floors to prevent damage from tools and from the paint. You try to mention this and what you get is ..." DO YOU WANT TO DO THIS YOURSELF?" Yes, I need you to put cardboard down onto the hardwood as I hate having to be on my hands and knees cleaning tiny bits of white paint off the hardwood. And please tape up the tile that was just installed, also don't want to scrape bits of paint off tile. Sigh...

Cottage Paint Serenity the Camellia

Here is a cedar Tubsurround being prepped for painting with Serenity Cottage Paint. First, the surface is scuffed up with a Scotchbrite pad, then vacuumed. Next is cleaning with Cottage Paint Clean 'n Prep., let dry.  Next step is  2 coats of BIN primer to seal the knots in the cedar. ( if you skip this step, you may get bleedthrough from the resins in the knots).

2.Time Frame things have to be done in. 
You may start a Reno. when it's Summer and raining non-stop, and then the weather clears up and it's Sunny out. what you get is ..." YOU WANT ME TO WASTE A SUNNY DAY WORKING ON THIS...???!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"
From your point-of-view, you started this reno. and the rest of your Rooms may be littered with all the items displaced from the Reno. area. The thread your sanity is hanging on is almost threadbare, and the thought of living in a construction zone for another however long, well, need we say more.

3. Nobody tells you about the Mess.
All those lovely Pinterest images showing beautifully styled rooms, well, they never show you the mess. There is no magic clean up fairy appearing anytime soon. You can enlist the help of a friend or another family member. Expect that you are going to be living in a mess.

Clean 'n Prep

4. You can't find anything. Where is that **** thing? I know we have one somewhere...! 

5. Your Family decides to come for a Visit and they make helpful( not!) remarks about how you should be keeping on top of things, and you try to refrain from grinding your teeth and yelling at them.  You listen & nod your head through clenched teeth.  

6. You visit another couple's home which has just been built by a contractor, and you come Home, look around at your mess, and feel very sorry for yourself. 

serenity cottage paint at

Any of this sound familiar? Sigh...we've all been there. And when your Renovation is DONE, it's all worth it, but are you still on speaking terms with each other? Hmmm. ...
Eventually, as the renovation drags, you may start work in another messy area of your house. You tell yourself that there are many areas of your Home that need attention, and you should contain your impatience, and stop complaining.
Sporadically, you look back in on the original renovation, and make a half-hearted attempt to clean up all the mess. It's easy to get overwhelmed, but wait, the END is in sight!

You get to that magical day when it's DONE! And it looks amazing! Now to get to the pile of displaced stuff that doesn't look so good in the space, maybe these were temporary solutions to a permanent storage problem ( which is hopefully solved now).

tub surround makeover

After the 2 coats of Bin primer are dry, it's time to paint 2 coats of Serenity Cottage Paint - here we are using the colour Country Manor. Hard to believe this is the same tubsurround! Looks like brand-new shiplap. #Fixer-upper worthy!

serenity cottage paint at

For inspiration and help with your Cottage Paint Renos, visit The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay, On. Check our website for upcoming Fall classes. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Visit to Silver Islet, Thunder Bay, Ontario

General Store

When it's a really hot day like today, 31 C with high humidity, and a heat warning in effect, there is only one way to cool off, and that is to head to a Lake.  One of the best places to visit is Silver Islet. To quote "Wikipedia, " Silver islet refers to both a small rocky island and a small community located at the tip of the Sibley Peninsula in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. A rich vein of pure silver was discovered on this small island in 1868 by the Montreal Mining Company. " Wikipedia.

 You head along Highway 11/17, head towards Pass Lake and Lake Marie Louise. When our kids were little, there were many Family outings to the Lake, where we sometimes went canoeing. The road ( once you leave the main Highway) is long and winding, but mostly paved. This is the original General Store, which you could buy products and have High Tea. The entire area is delightful, with one-lane roads once you draw closer to where the Cottages line the shore. Don't you just love that bright blue on the General Store? 

Thunder Bay

If you would like to know more about Silver Island, click on this link for more information: As I'm writing this, (just having viewed this video), I had no idea that Silver Islet started as a silver mining operation. It's hard to visualize where an area started so long ago. 

Summer in Thunder Bay

You are never very far from Lake Superior and many have their boats docked here, ready to head out for an afternoon sail. Its a beauty of a day today, with a nice breeze coming off the lake.

Thunder Bay

Silver Islet

There are many Artists and Artisans living on  Silver Island, and many have little Studios which are open seasonally, where you can buy their wares, Look at this handcrafted Driftwood railing! 

Silver Island

If are in the Thunder Bay area, be sure to visit Silver Islet, pack your swimsuit, there is a Beach area
and Campgrounds, hiking trails, and Cottages to rent in the area ( most of them are booked up early in the Summer). 

Visit The Camellia for Hand-made in Thunder bay goods, we are 3.6 km. past the Thunder Bay Airport, turn left on Hacquoil Rd. We are 1.6km. on the left, #30/32. 
We have stunning Pottery from Mussels 'n More, Linens, Tablecloths, hand-made Wreaths, Canadian made soaps, and so much more. Get your copy of the Handmade in Thunder Bay, at Thunder Bay Airport, any of the local hotels, or Shopping centres. 

Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Extraordinary Whites from Cottage Paint - The Camellia.

White has a clarity about it, it's clean, it's versatile, and goes with anything. It's not picky about who it hangs around with, it has a calming effect in any room. Is White for you? If you work in a chaotic environment, then yes, White is for you. Cottage Paint has many extraordinary whites in its 50 colour palette - White, Cloudy Day, Antique White, Beechwood, Cottage White & Creme Brulee.

White does a beautiful job of Framing, making the mouldings around these windows stand out. #Serenity Cottage Paint can be used indoors and outdoors. Visit our store, The Camellia to purchase Cottage Paint.

White makes this Fairytale turret stand out nicely against the grey thatched roof. Look around your home and see where you can use White. 

Are you redecorating and thinking about repainting your dark Furniture in White? Then read on.

The Camellia Thunder Bay

Cottage Paint can turn a dark, varnished piece into an updated, light and airy mid-century modern masterpiece. Just clean with Cottage Paint cleaner, then 2 coats of Cottage Paint. 

The Camellia

Colour used above is #CloudyDay. 

Cottage Paint

This colour used to paint this sign is #CottageWhite. 

Here is a round Table painted with Antique White Cottage Paint, and our Clock stencil. 

The Camellia

An 8 oz. jar of Cottage Paint covers 20 to 30 sq.feet. We have quarts and gallon sizes for larger projects. 

This cabinet door is painted with Antique White Cottage Paint. Need more information on painting old cabinets, go to

White is very popular in the Caribbean, as it gives a light and airy feeling to any building. 

Cottage Paint

Here is an upholstered chair being revamped with Cottage Paint - colour Cottage White. Ask at our store, The Camellia, we will show you how-to-do-this. 

Same chair painted, what a difference from that dirty dusty rose colour! Stripes are in Turquoise Cottage Paint. 
We have many whites in Cottage Paint. There is White, Cloudy Day, Cottage White, Antique White, to name a few. All whites are not the same, so choose wisely. The beauty about Cottage paint is that if you don't like it, you simply paint over it. 

Visit The Camellia, at 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. to purchase Cottage Paint and to get help with your DIY projects.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

When is it going to be shorts and sandals weather in Thunder Bay? Searching for Summer...

Aaaah Summer! The very word conjures up visions of hot, sunny days, fanning oneself, drinking tall glasses of Lavender Lemonade, wearing shorts and sandals, and being outside in the Sunshine. Imagine sitting on a beautifully decorated Patio, with beachy Lanterns, outdoor rugs and comfy Patio Furniture. 

summer, The Camellia

summer patio

Reality in Thunder Bay has been Rain, cool temperatures, and more Rain. It's almost JULY...Canada Day long weekend is almost here, and yes, surprise, it's been raining all day!! It's enough to drive a Summer-loving person crazy! As for going Camping, well, it's not too much fun in the pouring rain, with blackflies bugging you. 

tiling job

We tend to sometimes dwell on all the things that we want to do, and can't, because it's RAINING AGAIN!! One thing you can do is look around inside your Home or Garage or covered deck, and do one of those jobs that need doing, like this tiling job that's been in limbo for 2 years. Do you have jobs waiting around for the right time to do them....?

cleaning closet

There is always the dreaded Closet clean-out. We might not want to tackle it, because we have clothes we are hanging onto ( in case we lose weight), or clothes we have never worn ( but spent a lot of money on), or a mountain of Summer clothes we can't wear because we have no Summer! Once we clean the closet out, (we hate to admit it),   we can find our clothes easier and the whole room seems to just feel better.  

wooden chair The Camellia

Rainy days are great days to get to those pieces of Furniture that need painting. We have this antique Schoolhouse chair which would look so much better if it was painted with Cottage Paint. Maybe Cloudy Day like the bookcase...or maybe Sea Turtle or a combination of both? What have you got laying around unused in a corner, or in the basement, that you could revamp with #CottagePaint? 

cottage paint redo the Camellia

Here is a bookcase that was bought secondhand from someone who was was a  woodgrain ( faux wood)  look before, and we painted it with Cottage Paint - colour Cloudy Day. What a difference! It now has a coastal feel to it. Can #cottagePaint go over mdf? Yes, it can, most of the time. It does not go over Thermofoil. 

What do you do on rainy days?
 For #Lake & #Coastal-inspired Decor, and #CottagePaint, visit The Camellia, 30, Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On .