Friday, February 11, 2011

Be You, Be Loved, Valentine's Day 2011

Communication is the key in any relationship. How will you let your loved ones know that you care about them on Valentine's Day? Roses..Gerbera daisies...tulips .... carnations....

Women are always waiting for the guys to know exactly what they want on Valentine's Day, and unfortunately, most guys don't have a clue, so help them God. Women want to have the perfect date, the perfect plan, the perfect dinner.... This puts a lot of pressure on guys to plan the perfect Valentine. Of course, if you are not a mind-reader, and you guess the wrong thing, and if this happens on VALENTINE'S DAY, you are in the proverbial Doghouse, so to speak. So how about some direct communication ; no more mind reading. this is what I want... as women we don't ask for what we want... we expect them to magically know.... and invariably we are disappointed. Plan this Valentine's day TOGETHER, and see where that leads....

You can't go wrong with Flowers and Chocolates. Everyone loves to get these. At The Camellia, we deliver in Thunder Bay. Delivery charges start at $7.00. Call us early for the best selection and service.

A Lavender Spa basket is a welcome treat in the middle of Winter.
Great for quenching dried-out winter skin.

If you are working out-of-town and you can't be with your honey-bunny, how about sending a fluffy Teddy bear for them to cuddle..?
Teddy has the word LOVE embroidered on his paw....

Call Camille at (807)475-3551 to order, or toll-free within Canada at 1-877-523-7444.

Don't forget Valentine's Day is Monday Feb. 14th.

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