Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sleep, Time & Cotton Nighties

I wonder what's in the old armoire? This armoire is a yard-sale project which I recovered in Waverly Toile fabric panels.
As ones gets older, Sleep, or lack thereof, becomes a priority.
Promise yourself the Gift of TIME. Just 30 mins. at the end of the day will do wonders. Change into a fine cotton nightie or some cotton Pj's, and settle down for some R & R. Our Nighties are ever so soft and the ultimate in comfort. Cotton breathes, so if you're going through the M stage, cotton is what you should be wearing. You know the M stage, on again , off again with the covers, open the window, close the window, flap flap..flap..flap.. Which fool put the Fan into storage for the Winter? Go into the Stoargae shed and get it , Now!!..What do you mean,No?....
Sound familiar? Feel free to leave comments as to how you are coping with this.

We have many styles available, this is a Nightshirt, with slits on the sides. We stock large and extra large, all styles are roomy.

This is a new faux peony, flowers in a vase beside your bed will always cheer you up. If you travel lots, and can't take care of fresh flowers, this peony and you are made for each other.

Try a proven remedy to help you Sleep - Lavender. Spray some on your pillow just before
drifting off. Come into Camellia's to get some.
Lavender from Niagara-on-the-lake. Folow Dr. Oz'z guidelines on sleeping, turn off all electronics, make like a bat- have a dark room, for more information, visit his website.

Camellia's OPEN Thursday, Feb. 24 12-5
Friday, Feb. 25th. 11-5
Sat. Feb. 26th. 11-5
Sunday Feb. 27th,Noon-5p


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