Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mosquito Nets at Camellia's grass..Gardening...Rain..Warm weather..
Oh No! Bugs and Mosquitoes.........

One of the most useful tools against Bugs is a Mosquito net. Most people in the Tropics sleep under one. Not to mention how romantic they look above a bed. They usually come in 2 colours ; White & Ivory. They are big enough to fit around a Queen size bed. Need one for a Twin bed? Just use the same size, it will look great. During the day, you simply twist the netting into a bundle, and it tucks neatly out of the way. Great for Camp, no more worrying about if the kids left the door open and invited in some bugs. Mosquito nets will protect you from other creepy-crawlies, like wood ticks. Hang the net from the ceiling, positioning the net in the middle of the bed. Tuck the net all around the bed ( in between the mattress and box spring ), leaving a spot for you to crawl in. Get into bed, then tuck that piece of net in as well, now you can sleep like a baby!
Our moustiquaire has a hoop of 25" around, a fringe around the hoop of 8", and a height of 98".

Price: $39.00

Call Camille to order yours today! As it is Camp season, they are going fast!
30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay, On

Thought for today ...Go ahead and take a Nap... You deserve it, and you will probably be able to accomplish more, once you have taken a rest!


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