Sunday, February 5, 2012

Organizing sewing Rooms, Camellia's, Thunder Bay, On

The key to organization is that everything in your home should have a place. When you use the item, it always goes back to its home, and in a ideal world , you would be able to find the item again. Reality is that my sewing room is so messy and so jammed with fabrics and supplies strewn hastily all over. I cannot even find some pins at the moment. I was going to post a photo of my room, but decided not to ...!

I love the fact that there's no carpet in this room, makes it so much easier to clean up. Having a unit like the one above would definitely help.

I almost need one of those teams that come in, take everything out of the room, dump it on the lawn, then they organize the space. Here's how things work in my household....

" I really need some help with cleaning up the ............."

Want to hear the replies..?
  • Can't you see we're busy?
  • You made the mess, just clean it up yourself, it's all your mess
  • it's Spring time..I have massive Yardwork to do
  • It's Summertime, you want me to sit indoors and clean??? No. Really...???
  • It's Fishing season
  • it's Falltime, more yardwork..
  • It's Christmas want me to spend my Christmas holiday cleaning....???
  • It's the middle of Winter, my tools are in the garage, it's 30 below...
  • just throw the damn stuff out!! who needs it anyway..?
Sigh.... does this happen in your house too?

Camellia's - 30 Hacquoil Rd. Oliver Paipoonge, Thunder Bay , ON
p -807) 475-3551

OPEN : Wed. 1-4, Thurs. 1-4, Fri. 1-4, Sat. 12-4.
Call ahead for Sunday hours.

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