Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paulusma's Greenhouses, Thunder Bay, ON

I was going for a walk today, tromping along in the recent snow that we've had. Has anyone noticed how long it's staying light in the evenings now?

Yes, Summer and Gardening season is coming! And we are kind of happy to see the snow, as we can't garden without water.

Here are some photos from one of my favourite Greenhouses - Paulusma's .

Did I mention I love Kangaroo Paw? A native of Australia, I think, it has flowers that last forever. They are so sculptural and add line and form to an arrangement.

They come in all colours, and you can get the potted plants at Paulusma's. They like to stay dry, so don't over water.

There is always a large selection of tuberous Begonias in every colour.

If you like different plants, go to Paulusma's Greenhouses at 204 Belton Rd. Phone (807)767-7150. Call ahead to check hours.


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