Sunday, November 3, 2013

Time to Wintergreen those planters and Windowboxes! The Camellia, Thunder Bay

 Good-Bye to those beautiful warm,  sunny Summer days. Sigh.. I never meant to spend most of the year in a cold climate.

 Good-bye to time spent lounging outside on the warm, sunny patio in the company of lush green planters.



Those same planters that are now filled with sad-looking frozen plants, except for some hardy mini pansies. Time to fill those planters with evergreens, to make them look beautiful for the winter season. Now is a good time to trim your evergreens, for use  in your planters.

 A trip around the back 40 to pick tag alder, red dogwood, white pine, jack pine, and cedar. And birch brances. Better that I pick the cedar, otherwise my resident deer will topiary them for me.

 I started here with spruce boughs as my first layer, placing them into the soil on a diagonal, along with the tag alder branches in the middle. Then I added balsam, pine, cedar and cones. You can add whatever you like. Jam the branches deep into the soil to secure them so that the wind will not blow them away.

 These planters   are coming along nicely, but we'll take a break here to help out at The Wedding Wishes Show on today at the Valhalla Inn. So get out there and start Wintergreening your planters. You can purchase Mixed bundles of greens for your planters here at the Camellia, along with seeded eucalyptus, magnolia, and B.C. cedar. Check our website for prices,

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We are getting ready for our Winter wonderland show. If you are out on the Thunder Bay Art Gallery's Christmas House Tour ( Nov. 9 and 10th. 2013) , come visit us!
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