Friday, July 4, 2014

Keeping your sanity during a Renovation

Planning a Renovation?

Wondering how you are going to cope amidst all the dust, reconstruction, and a 100 where-did-you-put-thats?

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We are just going through a Window renovation now, and no matter how prepared you think you are, it seems to quickly become a giant swirl of things moved and misplaced, trying to arrange schedules with installers, all while attempting  to peer discreetly around the corner to make sure installers are not destroying the walls or floors and using the dropcloths you have laid out for them.
Never mind that you have houseguests coming in from Europe in 1 week, and rooms have to be ready and clean.
And when you get to that magical moment when they announce..."We're done!!"  RELIEF!!!


Let's talk money, specifically what is your reno going to cost?
Spending on Home renovation has been rising steadily for the past 15 years and reached $63.4 billion in 2103. There has been a lot of talk lately about replacing your outdated Oak kitchen cabinets. Oak is not hot anymore, it's Maple and birch. Maple is even more expensive than Oak.
There is a cheaper option: use Cottage Paint to paint your oak cabinets. The trend is to do your upper cabinets in a lighter colour, and your lowers in a darker tone. Come into The Camellia to see sample doors which we painted with Cottage Paint.
I am still recovering from my trip to the Granite countertop store yesterday, having found out that granite to cover an island will cost $6,000 , this does not include the other counters in the kitchen.
No comment on this.

Where do you start? Work backwards, pick the 1 item in your reno. that is going to be the most difficult to source. In our photo above, we picked the grey tile, with matching glass tile, then painted some sample boards with Cottage paint to see what was the best match.
If you are doing a bedroom, pick  bedding first, then paint the walls.
Doing a Living room? Choose furniture first, match up carpet or flooring, then paint.


Finished your Renovation? Don't forget that very important  finishing touch, Flowers for your rooms. It's the Icing on the cake. Flowers are in style again, bring in your photos and let us custom design one just to fit your rooms.



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  1. We are getting new windows installed now and it's not easy. Between the heat and dust, I can't breathe easily until it's all done.