Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Weekends at The Camellia

When you live in Northern Ontario, these precious few weeks of Summer matter a lot. 

How do you get to what YOU WANT TO DO instead of what you HAVE TO DO?

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Who doesn't love a lazy Summer weekend?

Looking forward to lazing on the deck, maybe firing up the Barbecue and having some friends over? Or grabbing your clubs and heading out to the golf course? Why are you moaning? It's RAINING!! Oh, a minor detail.

What's that? You have to cut grass, the house needs cleaning, someone needs to pick up the mess from the window Reno., hufff, pant....and there are no groceries in the fridge..and ..and...WHERE IS THE MAID?

Take a deep breath, and make a schedule for your weekend. Pencil in that leisure activity you want to do, it's the only way. Get everyone in the household on board with you, if you help out with the-have-to-dos, then we can all get to the-want-to-dos.

Relax, Go Fishing, Go Golfing, Sleep in, read a book, sit on deck and do nothing, Take a walk, Canoe, Play, Take A nap, Sit around a Campfire, Have Fun. Take a Drive in the Country and visit The Camellia. Get inspired to create.

It's Simple: Go south on  Hwy.61, left on Hacquoil Rd. #30.

Just in, a new shipment of Cottage Paint, brushes and glazes. Cottage Paint Classes coming up next week, in the evening from 6.30-9.30. Call 475-3551 to register. 

SPECIAL - Napa Valley liquid soap, 30% off .

See ya and have a great weekend!  Camille




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