Thursday, September 11, 2014

Falling into Fall, reluctantly

 It's September already...and some of us want to hang onto that last little bit of heat, we don't want our plants to freeze, and we have no desire to dig out coats, boots, and even socks. As for the S  - word, please, let's not go there. Time to think about transitional floral arrangements - these ease into the different seasons without any effort or extra fanfare. Like this stunning Magnolia arrangement above. The leaves look nice long after they have dried up.

 Look at the colours of these pomegranates, great to add to a wooden bowl as a quick centrepiece.

 Time to cut those hyrangea blooms, to make up wreaths .

 Continue to appreciate each and every sunny day with blue skies.

 It's easier to sleep now that the nights are a bit cooler.

 Think about taking a Fall course at The Camellia.

Sit by Lake Superior and enjoy the running water .
We will reopen at The Camellia on Sept. 19th. In the meantime, if you need anythuing, leave a message at 807-472-8193. or 807-475-3551

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