Saturday, December 3, 2016

FA-la-la-la-la..It's DECEMBER ...... Time to decorate, The Camellia, Slate River, On.

Most of our customers are decor-obsessed..... not that there is anything wrong with this. All those lovely ideas we see on Pinterest.... only 1 slight problem, it's December 5th. and we may not have started Christmas Gift shopping. Or cleaned our house. Yesterday, the first Christmas card arrived in the mail, a small bit of panic ensues ( why are some people so organized? makes the rest of us feel inadequate).  
We love the Deer motif in Winter decor, just not the real Deer that eat cedar and some homeowners have said they will come right up to their front door and munch on fresh Christmas Wreaths. 

Here is one of those Pinterest type ideas...visions of a wonderful hand- painted sign on this pallet. Just who is going to do all the work? #CottagePaint to the rescue. Water-based, dries quickly, no smell. Love it! 55 colours to choose from .

#1 Favourite  is #CrimsonRed,  now back in stock at #TheCamellia. 

We have been busy doing Winter planters for Hotels and Homes. Such a dramatic transformation from an empty pot with frozen flowers to a Winter wonderland with fresh, local, evergreens., and imported Magnolia branches.

Here is a Magnolia tree in California, they also grow well in the Carolinas and Florida. If you are making a wreath in any of these places, just raid someone's Magnolia tree. ( Ask them first!).  

We've been asked... "how do you do Planters with evergreens? How do I know how much to put in?" You need lots of greens, some birch sticks, red osier dogwood. We use Spruce, Balsam, red pine, white pine, cedar, Magnolia, and Boxwood. Get double what  you think you need. This is not a case of Less is more. More is More. It should be packed nicely, with no dirt showing. But not packed so tightly that you risk cracking your container. 

Shallow windowboxes should be weighted down with a mixture of gravel and dirt. Otherwise the first wind that comes along will knock your planter over. Here the shape is defined by first inserting stems of red dogwood. 

Then the greens are added in layers, and B.C. cedar added as the last layer, as it has a nice, draping effect. 

Don't forget to add a bow into your planter. 

Here are 2 large planters which are part of a Hotel's decor in the front entrance. Soil is pretty dry so break it up with a spade, water will be added once planters are finished and in place ( less weight when lifting), the water will then freeze in place and hold all the stems in. Of course, if your dirt is frozen, then planters have to be brought indoors and left for a few days to defrost, sometimes this can take as long as a week.

Here is our bundles of greens which will be used in these Planters. We sell these in our store, The Camellia at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Phone (807) 475-3551 for current prices, as of now, bundles are $39.95 to $49,95 ea. and are all local evergreens from Northern Ontario. 

Start by placing Birch poles, then fill in with greens. There is no right or wrong way, everyone does their planters differently. 

The finishing touch is a 2 ribbon bow, with 16 to 20 loops. 

Voila! all ready to beautify the Hotel's entrance. 

You can embellish your Summer garden lanterns, adding battery pillar candles in the middle. 

Christmas is the time to bring out your cherished Teddy bears and porcelain dolls. and Santas.

Our #Paristhemed tree at #TheCamellia - black tin stars, Eiffel Towers, and checked ribbons.

Matching #Paris & Burlap wreath - a lovely, year-round Wreath for a Parisian-themed room, an order we made for a client.

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