Thursday, July 13, 2017

Extraordinary Whites from Cottage Paint - The Camellia.

White has a clarity about it, it's clean, it's versatile, and goes with anything. It's not picky about who it hangs around with, it has a calming effect in any room. Is White for you? If you work in a chaotic environment, then yes, White is for you. Cottage Paint has many extraordinary whites in its 50 colour palette - White, Cloudy Day, Antique White, Beechwood, Cottage White & Creme Brulee.

White does a beautiful job of Framing, making the mouldings around these windows stand out. #Serenity Cottage Paint can be used indoors and outdoors. Visit our store, The Camellia to purchase Cottage Paint.

White makes this Fairytale turret stand out nicely against the grey thatched roof. Look around your home and see where you can use White. 

Are you redecorating and thinking about repainting your dark Furniture in White? Then read on.

The Camellia Thunder Bay

Cottage Paint can turn a dark, varnished piece into an updated, light and airy mid-century modern masterpiece. Just clean with Cottage Paint cleaner, then 2 coats of Cottage Paint. 

The Camellia

Colour used above is #CloudyDay. 

Cottage Paint

This colour used to paint this sign is #CottageWhite. 

Here is a round Table painted with Antique White Cottage Paint, and our Clock stencil. 

The Camellia

An 8 oz. jar of Cottage Paint covers 20 to 30 sq.feet. We have quarts and gallon sizes for larger projects. 

This cabinet door is painted with Antique White Cottage Paint. Need more information on painting old cabinets, go to

White is very popular in the Caribbean, as it gives a light and airy feeling to any building. 

Cottage Paint

Here is an upholstered chair being revamped with Cottage Paint - colour Cottage White. Ask at our store, The Camellia, we will show you how-to-do-this. 

Same chair painted, what a difference from that dirty dusty rose colour! Stripes are in Turquoise Cottage Paint. 
We have many whites in Cottage Paint. There is White, Cloudy Day, Cottage White, Antique White, to name a few. All whites are not the same, so choose wisely. The beauty about Cottage paint is that if you don't like it, you simply paint over it. 

Visit The Camellia, at 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. to purchase Cottage Paint and to get help with your DIY projects.

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