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Paint pouring Supplies, Cottage Paint at The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Canada.

paint swirls on canvas, paint pours from Pexel

You may have a bare spot on your wall and you've heard about Paint pouring...why not try it? 

What is Paint pouring?  First, it is best to paint your board white. You will need some plastic squeeze bottles ( the kind you put ketchup in which you buy at the Dollar store). Mix your Cottage Paint colours with the Pour medium ( we'll show you this shortly) and water.  You can use the original Cottage Paint, Serenity , Urban Paint and Colour and Seal which is semi transparent.  Your paint should be the consistency of melted ice cream.  Watch the video below...

If you doing a Pour on a Table top, make sure your table top is level (use a level) - the formula is 1 cup of pour mixture per square foot of table. It takes 24 hours to settle and a week to dry. Wear gloves and tape off edges of Table. White is heavier, and all paints  have different weights, so don't mix your paint until you are ready to pour. Cover your work surface as this can be messy.  You will be tilting your table, and doing some disturbing. You will get a marble, veined look. Check your edges which you may have to touch up with a paintbrush, putting it on nice and thick. Keep checking your pattern, and tilt your Table top. Let it dry for a week, then put 2 good coats of Cottage Paint high gloss varnish on to protect, putting on a heavier coat of varnish, which should be dripping down the edges ( paint varnish on with a brush).
Once again, make sure you watch the above video! Have some shims and blocks on hand. You can also try this technique on mason jars or old glass vases. Use baking foil pans as a drip tray. You may need a hair dryer to help push the paint over, if your piece is too big to tilt. 

Texturline Prime Glaze pouring medium

This is our pouring medium which has a faster drying time, the usual medium  we would use is Easy-Glaze. Priced at $36.00 Canadian for a quart size. You can purchase at The Camellia in Thunder Bay. p 807-475-3551
For a step-by-step Marble pour, read this blog post below!

Marble tabletop Cottage Paint pour, Antweek studio

Urban metallic Cottage Paint, The Camellia
This is Urban Paint made by Cottage Paint, it is metallic and we have used it to redo metal light fixtures. It comes in several colours. 

Serenity Cottage Paint cans, The Camellia

This is Serenity Cottage Paint, which comes in 60 colours. you can purchase Cottage Paint at The Camellia in Thunder Bay. 

Cottage paint pours, Pexels image

For information on Paint Pours and Cottage Paint, visit The Camellia, at 30/32 Hacquoil Rd.
Slate River, near Thunder Bay, Ontario. 
Open Wednesday through Sunday, 
p 807-475-3551

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