Friday, January 3, 2014

Surviving January in a very cold place..The Camellia, Thunder Bay

It's January in Thunder Bay and we have been having such cold weather, it was a chilly -51 C with the wind the other morning, apparently the same temperature it was on Baffin Island. Even if you are an "I Love Winter" person, it's too cold to do outdoor activities, like sledding and snow shoeing. What can you do?  One of the ways to get through this is to completely ignore the weather, tell yourself it's a great time to catch up on all those tasks you put aside during the Summer. Fun stuff like cleaning out your email inbox ( mine has 6,700 to go through), cleaning your closet, sweeping the mess off your desk, filing the paperwork, and ...and...and...

One solution is to hop on the next direct flight to the Caribbean, visions of white sandy beaches and lazing under a palapa dancing in your head. Pack sandals, shorts, and race to the nearest airport, I'm lucky, our airport in Thunder Bay is 10 minutes away. Beach in above photo is in Mexico.

Palm trees, green grass, what more can a Winter-weary person want? What's that? oh, you want to stay for the next 4 months..? Hmmm..well, can you stay and teach zumba, or yoga, or....??

Well, if you can't run away to the Caribbean, you can grab a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Here at The Camellia, we are just working out the details of our Spring Flower designing classes. Put some loud music on, and wear bright colours, like Turquoise, lime green, sherbet orange and pink. Summer colours will go a long way to helping you feel better.

 Some of you are going to start on your Cottage Painting projects. Good plan, as Cottage Paint has low voc's, so you can use it indoors. If you want to learn more about Cottage Paint, take our Beginners Class coming up on Jan. 14th. and Jan. 15th. 2014. Call to register at (807)475-3551. Space is limited. Here's the link to more information on the class,
In the meantime, stay warm, and upbeat, and Visit us here at the Camellia! 
Open Sat. Jan. 2014, 11-4p. and Sunday, Jan. 5th. from 12-4p. 
The Camellia, 30 Hacquoil Rd.

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