Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Nursing Home will come soon enough.

Often there will be a group of a Mother and Daughter in the store. The mother is in a retirement home, and is usually bemoaning the fact that she now has one small room, or rooms.  Quite often , the mother will comment.. "If I only had my house still, I would be able to buy......." It's like a kid in a candy store who is told by their Mother, you can't buy any candy today.

Go treat yourself to some fresh Flowers today, these are oh-so-pretty Alstromeria, get them partly closed and they will last for quite a while.

To all those who are in love with clean, uncluttered lines ( a.k.a. the Prison cell look), and try to convert everyone to their way of thinking, to those of you who accuse some people of being a hoarder, the Nursing Home will come soon enough.

  Bake yourself a Cake, and eat the icing too.

 Plan on taking one of our fabulously creative classes at The Camellia.

Take time to notice the fading beauty of blossoms on the ground. 

Some of us will be lucky and have our own private space, where we can keep our pretty things.  Some of us may be in the Dementia floor, where sometimes persons keep wandering in and out of our room, taking things. 

So put photos on your walls, have nice things around you, and don't spend your very important Life suffering and waiting to die. Live every day to the fullest, treat yourself to something nice.  Maybe when your kids were younger and just growing up, you couldn't treat yourself to nice things. So now you can do it. I say, down with the prison cell look. It's not in style anymore. Not in my book, anyway!!

Here at The Camellia, we are closed now and will reopen on Feb. 1st. 2014. If you need anything during this time, call and leave a message. P -807-475-3551.We have fabulous Home decor and fabric accessories to dress up your Home. 

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