Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Buy Cottage Paint online in Canada at I Window

floral logo I window

We are pleased to announce the launch of our online website for Cottage Paint!!  Now you can order, pay, and get Cottage Paint shipped right to your door, in Canada! With all the Covid- related restrictions in place, sometimes it's just easier to sit at home, and order online. We get it. No more dashing in and out of a store like we used to do. Now it's a line up outside to get in, answer some screening questions, and then join another line to pay. Go to

Colour is one of the quickest ways to change the look of your Home.... here is the colour Mango in the Cottage Paint line. Are you craving a trip to the warm waters of the Caribbean? Click on the following link which takes you to our Caribbean Beach collection of colours.  

Caribbean beach Cottage Paint collection

We live in Northern Ontario....this is the old General store on Silver Island ( no longer open, but under reconstruction). Do you love hanging out by the water, and being at Camp? You need to take a look at the colours in our Lake Superior Camp collection. Here is the link:
Farmhouse look with a staircase painted white

Perhaps you love the look of an old Farmhouse, and would like to create the feel of an old Farmhouse in your Home. Cottage Paint has Farmhouse colours.... White, Cloudy Day, Cottage white, Antique White, Creme Brulee, Shoreline grey,  Asphalt, Evening sky, and black. Here is the link to the Farmhouse collection. 

And last, but not least is the Northern elements collection of Cottage Paint. Our Northern elements collection is a soothing palette of earthy neutrals. Grey tones come from the rocks of Lake Superior, and beige tones draw inspiration from Fall grasses, and birch bark. Cottage Paint is a clay chalk paint that offers an inexpensive and easy way to renew and restore your furniture so you can re-love it all over again. 

Visit us at The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On. 
p 807-475-3551

Thursday, August 20, 2020

We are OPEN online here at the Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Fall colours on Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay

We are OPEN here at The Camellia. While we know a lot of you do not feel safe with a second wave of Covid being predicted for this Fall, we have launched a Shopify website for you to shop or browse online. You can shop and pay online, and do contactless pick-up. We can deliver your order ($), or you come into our store at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, Ontario. Fall is coming as our August nights are getting cooler. We've had a lot of rain last night, which was very welcome. 

leaf falling in forest

white and grey kitchen makeover with cottage paint

Some of you are thinking about painting your old Kitchen cabinets with Cottage Paint. Think no more, just do it. You will get a new kitchen at a fraction of the price. We may have a Cabinet painting class coming up soon. For more information, go to

dining room table restored with cottage paint

Here is a dining room set with chairs that were in the garbage, and rescued with Cottage Paint. The colour Driftwood was painted on the chairs. There is no need to buy new furniture, why not check the second hand stores and revamp something old? Thrift shops and Buy and Sell sites are booming at the moment, as everyone has had time at home to clear out their unwanted goods.  

Fall leaf tablecloth at The Camellia

It's time to put out a Fall  ' Magic' tablecloth, these are water-repellent and stain-resistant, they are perfect for everyday life. 

Plaid tablecloths at The Camellia

There are 2 ways to shop at The Camellia. 
1) Browse on-line at I window, pay on line and arrange for no-contact pick-up or delivery.
2) Shop in-store at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Open Wed. through Sunday, maybe. Phone to check for current hours. There may be a 2nd. wave of Covid, in which case hours will change. 
p .807-475-3551. 
Here is the link to our online site:

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Thank you for supporting small, local businesses in Thunder Bay. 

ways to support small businesses

Sunday, July 26, 2020

How's everyone doing? July 26, 2020. The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ont.

woman wearing mask

It's July in Thunder Bay, and it has definitely been hot and humid. The heat makes it even more uncomfortable to wear a mask. It's now the law that you must wear a mask in Thunder Bay. According to the Thunder Bay District Health unit's website, " As of Friday, July 24, 2020 at 12.01 am. all businesses and organizations in the Thunder Bay District Health Unit area must adopt a policy that requires all members of the public and employees who enter or remain in an enclosed public space to wear a mask or face covering, under instructions issued by the Medical Officer of Health."
More information can be found at

Most of us are fed up with the whole Mask/noMask debate, and just want our lives to go back to "Normal", or what life was before Covid-19. If wearing a mask helps us to cut down on the spread of Covid-19 , then just wear it. When coming to our store, do bring your own mask and put it on before entering our store. 

pink peony blooms in garden

Our gardens are loving the heat, and recently we have been having tropical downpours, so we have beautiful Blooms and our Veggie gardens have been prolific with beans, kale, lettuce, peas and more. 
This is despite the recent invasion of Japanese beetles. 

soaking in bathtub reading a book, self-care

Now, more than ever, it is important that we take some time for self care. Soaking in a bathtub and reading a good book is good for taking your mind off all the what-ifs. Visit our store, or call us (we offer delivery and curbside pickup), to pick up Lavender bath bombs, and Napa Soap bars. 

We know many of you have been using this extra time at home to do some painting with Serenity Cottage Paint.  You have been painting old Kitchen Cabinets, walls, and furniture. Thinking about painting your old oak Kitchen Cabinets? Go here to get the How-to:

Here is a dining room set which was given a Cottage Paint makeover, with the colour Expresso on this chair's frame, with some yardage from our store, this is a beautiful Delph blue Waverly toile fabric. 

Serenity Cottage paint can be sprayed, this is an old metal shelf sprayed with the colour 'Country Manor.'

provencal blue burlap fabric at the

It is important to add texture to your Home, and fabric is perfect for that. This bright Provencal blue burlap will add colour to your outdoor or craft room projects. 
Visit us here at for #CottagePaint, Home decor, Cotton and linen fabric, and much more! Open Wed. through Sunday. Do bring your own mask, we do offer Delivery( $), and curbside pickup. Our Shopify store will be up and running soon, you will be able to order Cottage Paint, for pick-up or shipping in Canada. 

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Paint pouring Supplies, Cottage Paint at The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Canada.

paint swirls on canvas, paint pours from Pexel

You may have a bare spot on your wall and you've heard about Paint pouring...why not try it? 

What is Paint pouring?  First, it is best to paint your board white. You will need some plastic squeeze bottles ( the kind you put ketchup in which you buy at the Dollar store). Mix your Cottage Paint colours with the Pour medium ( we'll show you this shortly) and water.  You can use the original Cottage Paint, Serenity , Urban Paint and Colour and Seal which is semi transparent.  Your paint should be the consistency of melted ice cream.  Watch the video below...

If you doing a Pour on a Table top, make sure your table top is level (use a level) - the formula is 1 cup of pour mixture per square foot of table. It takes 24 hours to settle and a week to dry. Wear gloves and tape off edges of Table. White is heavier, and all paints  have different weights, so don't mix your paint until you are ready to pour. Cover your work surface as this can be messy.  You will be tilting your table, and doing some disturbing. You will get a marble, veined look. Check your edges which you may have to touch up with a paintbrush, putting it on nice and thick. Keep checking your pattern, and tilt your Table top. Let it dry for a week, then put 2 good coats of Cottage Paint high gloss varnish on to protect, putting on a heavier coat of varnish, which should be dripping down the edges ( paint varnish on with a brush).
Once again, make sure you watch the above video! Have some shims and blocks on hand. You can also try this technique on mason jars or old glass vases. Use baking foil pans as a drip tray. You may need a hair dryer to help push the paint over, if your piece is too big to tilt. 

Texturline Prime Glaze pouring medium

This is our pouring medium which has a faster drying time, the usual medium  we would use is Easy-Glaze. Priced at $36.00 Canadian for a quart size. You can purchase at The Camellia in Thunder Bay. p 807-475-3551
For a step-by-step Marble pour, read this blog post below!

Marble tabletop Cottage Paint pour, Antweek studio

Urban metallic Cottage Paint, The Camellia
This is Urban Paint made by Cottage Paint, it is metallic and we have used it to redo metal light fixtures. It comes in several colours. 

Serenity Cottage Paint cans, The Camellia

This is Serenity Cottage Paint, which comes in 60 colours. you can purchase Cottage Paint at The Camellia in Thunder Bay. 

Cottage paint pours, Pexels image

For information on Paint Pours and Cottage Paint, visit The Camellia, at 30/32 Hacquoil Rd.
Slate River, near Thunder Bay, Ontario. 
Open Wednesday through Sunday, 
p 807-475-3551

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Happy Canada Day! Specials at the Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ontario

It's Canada Day celebration week, but with a difference this year - how do we celebrate while having to social distance due to Covid-19? Here in Northern Ontario, many will celebrate by going out to Camp, as we are blessed here with many Lakes and places to get away from it all. 

person laying in hammock,

There will be no mass gathering to look at Fireworks displays, we will be watching Canada Day celebrations online. As Canadians watch the number of Covid-19 cases climb in the U.S., we are thankful that our Land borders are closed. However, Canadians can fly into the U.S. 
You will still be required to self-isolate for 14 days once your return to Canada. 

red Muskoka chairs beside the Lake

Here in Thunder Bay, it will feel like +38C by this afternoon, so the Lake is a good place to head to, and there are many Lakes close by that we can go to. Cloud Lake is a mere 30 minutes from here. 

Cloud Lake near Thunder Bay, On

collage of crimson red Cottage Paint,

To celebrate #CanadaDay, we are offering a discount on Red Cottage Paint colours which  we have in stock, which are already tinted.  On sale are Crimson Red Serenity quarts that are in stock, and Red Flag Cottage Paint quarts that are tinted, & in-stock. Serenity Cottage Paint can be used outside on pieces like the red wagon above in the photo. The wood  has to be prepped, sanded, dusted, and treated with Protek indoor/outdoor Primer. Pieces outside have to be able to withstand extremes in weather, and be able to expand and contract with cold and/or heat. Note that Crimson Red Serenity has a sheen, and has a shiny as opposed to a flat finish. 

red door on a white building,

A touch of Red , as seen above in this Red front door, packs quite a punch in an otherwise neutral colour scheme. We all need some more colour in our lives, especially during the Winter in Canada. 

stain resistant Tablecloths at

Are you holding a small Gathering of Family? Our 'Magic' Tablecloths are ideal for everyday and for entertaining, as they are water repellent and stain resistant. They come in various sizes and colours, and are a fav of many of our customers. 

Giant stoneware mugs are great with warm or iced Coffees. Buy them in store at our shop: The Camellia at 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. p 807-475-3551

Have a wonderful Day at The Lake, on July 1st. 2020, Canada Day. At The Camellia, we have hand-made decorative wooden paddles for your Camp. 

There is nothing like a Fish-fry at Camp! 
Visit us here at The Camellia, we are Open Canada Day week, Thursday through to Sunday. 
30/32 Hacquoil Rd. 
Slate River, Ontario
p 807-475-3551

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Father's Day 2020 Gift Ideas, The Camellia, Thunder Bay, On

Father's Day Spa Gifts for Dad, the Camellia

Hello everyone! It's been incredibly warm here in Thunder Bay, have you been enjoying our warm, summer days? Father's Day is this Sunday, June 21st. 2020.  Fathers are hard to buy for. 
"Is there anything you would like for Father's Day? "  
They reply.."Nothing." End of discussion. 
It is easy to give up this quest to find the perfect Father's Day Gift, and do nothing ( especially when they sometimes return your Gifts to the store!)  Every Dad deserves some pampering! What about a Gift basket of No-Crack super hand cream, paired up with Neob Lemongrass whipped shea butter, and these days everyone could use some more soap! 

mussels n more pottery mugs at The Camellia

A giant mug is always a good idea....these are our stoneware mugs at $12.95, and our Mussels 'n more Pottery mugs at $49.95. They are microwavable and dishwasher safe. Call us today at 807-475-3551 and we can put together a Gift basket for Dad. We offer Delivery in the Thunder Bay area, or you can do pick-up. 

Lake signs at The Camellia

wooden paddle with saying, The Camellia

 Wooden sayings add a touch of whimsy to a deck, and what about painting some paddles for Dad's Camp? Cottage Paint is perfect for painting paddles. Use our 8 oz. jars of Cottage Paint, and 2 coats of CP satin varnish on top. Wooden paddle as shown above is $49.95

happy fathers day graphic from Burst at shopify

Have a Happy Father's Day, and we look forward to seeing you at The Camellia! 
Open Wed. 11-5, Thurs. 12-5. Fri. 11-5, Sat. 11-5. Sun. 12-4. 
Bring your own mask, we have gloves and hand sanitizer here. 

p 807-475-3551
30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On 

Friday, June 5, 2020

Escape to your Summer Porch or Veranda, The Camellia, Thunder Bay

Hello everyone! It's June and we have been having some incredible, hot, tropical weather. It is so wonderful to see so much green outside, with all the trees in leaf, and Crabapple blossoms in pink and white. Rhododendrons are in bloom, and even though we are still under restrictions due to Covid-19, the world in the Summer is still a beautiful place to be. 

flowering crabapple trees Slate River

marsh marigolds by mountains,

Marsh Marigolds in an amazing display of spring colour. This is our view at The Camellia, we are close to the mountain. 

wooden verandah Antigua West Indies

I have great memories of swinging in a hammock on a Verandah. 

wooden verandah Antigua

A Verandah is the best place to try and catch a breeze on a hot day. Add a book, and a tall glass of something icy cold. Hot days are the best spent outdoors, lazing around....

rhododendron blooms

Wooden sayings are great for a Porch, above a door, or just perched beside plants. They add some whimsy to an area. They are hand painted here at #TheCamellia, you can pre-order your sign with a custom saying. 

Patio signs at The Camellia, Thunder Bay, On

Outdoor Porch signs, old wooden windows, Watering  cans and clay pots are all important elements of styling a Porch. This wooden bench is a relic from my Father-in-law's Farm on Broadway Avenue in Thunder Bay. The bench was refreshed with Cottage Paint - colours used were Sea Turtle and Sky Blue Waters. 

Cottage Painted wooden box Lichen, with succulent in pot

Here at The Camellia, we sell Cottage Paint. This colour is Lichen, and is a nice, soothing gray-green that blends well with a neutral colour scheme of taupe, and black and white Garden or Porch signs. 
To create this look on your Front Porch or Verendah, ask for Driftwood, Lichen, and Black or Soot Cottage Paint. For more information on Cottage Paint, visit

If you are looking for unique finds for your Summer Porch or Verandah, visit The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. in Slate River, Ontario. We are 10 minutes from the Thunder Bay Airport. 
Open Wed. through Sunday. 11-5, or 12-5p. 
p 807-475-3551